A relentless pursuit of excellence.

Caxton is a global macro hedge fund founded in 1983

Our Firm

Our goal: to deliver consistent absolute returns for our investors irrespective of the market environment. Rigorous analysis, disciplined risk management, and a relentless pursuit of excellence underpin Caxton’s reputation as a market leader.

Our enduring client relationships are built on trust, integrity, and high-performing investment strategies.

Our Expertise

At Caxton, we blend a rigorous assessment of macroeconomics, market technicals, politics plus policy, and individual company analysis. Active across all liquid asset classes, the result is portfolios that strike a balance between excellent returns and resilience.

A diversity of opinion, expertise, and experience are the cornerstones of our investment process while analytical precision, ethical discipline, and responsible thinking drive its implementation.

Our longevity and success in the market are driven by our core principles, executed by our people – they are our most important asset, and we prize their skill, commitment, and ambition.

Our Difference


Approaching four decades of analysing cyclical and secular market shifts has instilled resilience and flexibility into our investment and risk management processes.


Our investing expertise is fortified by proven infrastructure and a commitment to industry best practices. That combination promotes the continuous process improvement needed to deliver consistent outperformance.


Caxton’s longevity creates a natural synergy with sustainable investing practices. To build on our long-term success, we have dedicated resources working to ensure that our portfolios are conscious of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, and all of the opportunities that creates.


Guiding principles and values

The environment in which our people work has a direct and meaningful impact on our ability to serve clients. Our culture is founded on the following principles:

  • Embrace Different

    Diversity of thought and experience helps us make better investment decisions

  • Be Curious

    Intellectual flexibility breeds innovation and continuous improvement

  • Collaborate

    Effective teamwork amplifies individual brilliance

  • Make an Impact

    Ownership of ideas and actions is encouraged to effect positive change

Corporate Responsibility

We undertake to positively impact the lives of both our clients and employees, as well as the environment and communities in which we operate.

Community Investment

Belief in the power of education is engrained in Caxton’s DNA. We consider giving someone the opportunity to learn to be one of the greatest investments we can make; it can empower and uplift not only the individual, but also their community. Our success has driven the growth of various educational initiatives, including the Speakers for Schools UK charity.

Sustainable Investing

Caxton’s ESG Committee and its dedicated ESG analysts underpin a firm-wide commitment to addressing critical challenges faced by our planet and its people. We are a UNPRI signatory and have developed proprietary technology to assess emissions and carbon-related risks for 10,000 companies. By incorporating ESG factors into our investment process we strengthen our ability to protect and grow our clients’ capital.


Caxton’s senior leadership is deeply involved in initiatives to promote cultural diversity and inclusion within our business. We believe that diversity of thought and experience benefits both internal and external stakeholders.

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